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Handphone Scan QR Code     ->     Handphone Order     ->     Kitchen Prepared     ->     Handphone Payment

Reduce 30% Staff Cost

Self service queue number taking using handphone..

Reduce work load of front desk

Reduce Miss Order And Mistakes

Browse menu while queuing using online menu and place order using handphone.

Reduce in-restaurant time during peak hour

Increase 20% Table Turn Over

May take queue number from distances using App or restaurant social media page such as Facebook or Wechat

Increase Efficiency & Sales

Monitor the seating status of dining floor real time and help shorten the queue time.

Increase serving frequency per table.

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Our Products


Cloud POS - Access sales data from mobile App

Mobile POS - Waiter also cashier

E-Payment FinTech Enabled

Real-time communication with kitchen and order system


Queue System

Self service Q number system.

May take order while waiting through E-Menu

Reduce Man-power

Increase retention



Order System

QR code E-Menu Order

Order using handphone

Order send to POS and kitchen directly


Kitchen Display System

Oder send to kitchen direct on screen

Combine order of same dish together by sequence to increase efficiency

Alert for order not processed within certain time

Reduce missed order and mistakes

Real time communicate with POS

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About 2D-Fire

2D fire is a brand in China by 1-Smart Technologies Pte ltd expand in Singapore  .We presentsl technological solutions to all partners - from Small Medium F&B Retailers to Chain F&B Stores


2D Fire QR-Code Ordering System

2D Fire is an F&B ordering system where customer may scan QR code and access to the menu and place order using their handphone.

Restaurant manage may also uses the system to monitor and manage the restaurant using the data collected.

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